UNCG Police Department

Victim Assistance Program

The victim assistance program is dedicated to assist any UNCG student, staff or faculty that is victim of a crime or traumatic incident. The initial help is crucial in a victim's recovery process. One of our goals is to help the victim to get from the “victim” mindset to a “victor” mindset.

In accordance with N.C. G.S. 15A-830 you are entitled to a number of rights, part of which our agency is responsible for notifying you:

Availability of Medical Services

Call 911 for emergencies; Cone Hospital, 1200 N. Elm Street, 832-7000; Wesley Long Hospital, 501 E. Elam Ave., 832-1000

Availability of Victim Compensation and Agency’s address and phone number; for information contact:

North Carolina Crime Victims Compensation Commission, 4703 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-4703; 1-800-826-6200

District Attorney’s Address and Phone Number

Guilford County Courthouse, 201 E. Eugene Street, PO Box 10769, Greensboro, NC 27404-0769 Phone: 336-574-4313

You will be notified of the arrest of the accused when that occurs or no later than 72 hours.

Name and phone number of Agency employee whom you may contact if you have not been notified of an arrest within 6 months.

UNCG Communications at 336-334-5963 and Request to be transferred to Investigations Supervisor.

Information about the accused’s opportunity for pre-trial release

An accused may seek pre-trial release from a magistrate or a judge immediately following his/her arrest. Pre-trial release may be obtained by a written promise to appear, secured or unsecured bond. You may also call the Statewide Automated Victim assistance and Notifications (SAVAN) at 1-877-627-2826 for custody status. This is a free anonymous phone call.

Name and phone number of investigating agency employee whom you may contact to find out whether the accused has been released from custody

Guilford County Sheriff’s Department (Jail) 336-641-6726. If you want to request ADVANCE NOTICE of suspect’s release you may call the Victim/Witness Assistant in the District Attorney’s office at 336-574-4313.

Special Programs

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Program – Offered to both men and women and covers risk reduction strategies; awareness information; legal and Clery definitions of sexual assault, rape, dating and domestic violence, and stalking; and how to report an incident.

Rape Aggression Defense (Basic and Advanced) – (women only) – R.A.D. Basic offers a consistently structured, proactive approach, designed to give women the skills and confidence needed to survive an unexpected attack. R.A.D. Advanced builds on techniques and strategies from the Basic class and covers more prone defense strategies, and multiple subject encounters.

Resisting Aggression with Defense – (men only) – Resisting Aggression with Defense teaches tactical options that help to avoid confrontation or that allow you to disengage and escape from it when necessary.

SART - Sexual Assault Response Team – a term used to describe all of the professionals and volunteers who are involved in the care of a victim after a sexual assault. The SART realm can include medical and nursing staff, law enforcement, social workers, counselors, and community volunteers.

Safe Zone Ally – Our goal is to provide resources for students, faculty and staff who want to provide a safe, comfortable environment for anyone who seeks it in the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning (GLBTQ) community.

Domestic Violence Protection Orders – Our goal is to assist anyone who wishes to obtain an Order of Protection at the Clerk of Court's Office. There are many types of emotional, physical or sexual abuse where the victim and the offender are in a dating and or intimate relationship.

NC Crime Victims Compensation Commission

An innocent victim of a crime may be eligible for financial assistance
  • Medical bills
  • Funeral expenses
  • Lost wages
Telephone number 919-733-7974
Toll free 800-826-6200

UNCG Important numbers

UNCG Police-Emergency 336-334-4444
Non-emergency 336-334-5963
Student Safety Patrol 336-334-5963
Student Affairs 336-334-5099
Counseling & Testing 336-334-5874

Other Important Numbers

Ambulance/Fire/Police 911
Poison Center 800-222-1222
Rape Line/Abused Women's Services (24 hrs) 336-273-7273
Guilford County Mental Health 800-853-5163