UNCG Police Department

After-Hours Access Policy & Procedures

The UNCG Police Department is working to improve the physical security of all buildings on campus. A large part of this initiative is regulating after - hours access . Our goal is to provide access without sacrificing security. To that end, we are asking everyone to comply with the hours of operation and after - hours access procedures. All hours of operation are set by the Department Heads and after - hours access is regulated by the University Police Department. In the past, the police department has received arbitrary faxes from a variety of people requesting after - hours access at night, on the weekends, or during the holidays. The UNCG Police Department will no longer accept requests for access by fax. The following procedures are being implemented to validate and consistently address all requests for after - hours access.

  • Scheduled Events - We are making the process easier by working directly with the Registrar's Office to ensure that you get the after - hours access you need. The police department receives real-time updates from the Registrar's Office for space reservations. Your reservation determines when the police lock and unlock the requested building or room . Reservation requests for general purpose classrooms can be made online through the Registrar's Office by: emailing your request to Ava Johnson at arjohns7@uncg.edu, logging into the Astra Schedule web application available at http://www.uncg.edu/reg/classrooms/index.html, or submitting an online classroom request at http://www.uncg.edu/reg/Forms/RoomRequest.html .
  • Departmental Controlled Space – We understand there are several departments on campus that set reservations for their own departmental space and do not require access approval through the Registrar's Office. We have created a secured web form that allows only authorized individuals to submit access requests to the police to open buildings and spaces under departmental control. All other requests will be directed to their department head or building contact for authorization. Requests for departmental access can be submitted online through the secured web form. The Police Department does not want to let unauthorized people into any building. The authenticated requests will determine when the police lock and unlock the space required.
  • Individual Authorization – Although the police department does not provide individual access , we will accept the names of people who are authorized to be in a building after - hours . This information will be used for verification when officers find someone in the buildings after - hours . The names of authorized individuals can also be submitted online through the secured web form. The UNCG Police Department recommends that any department requiring regular after - hours access, consider the installation of a swipe or proximity door. These doors enable you to control after - hours access based on credentials and rights granted by the department and without requiring a police response.
  • If you are requesting any of the following buildings to open outside of business hours, 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday, you will also need to contact the UNCG Lock Shop at 334-5096 to have the automatic lock schedule changed to fit your reservation.
    • Aycock Auditorium
    • Brown Building
    • Carmichael Building
    • Cone Art Building
    • Eberhart Building
    • Ferguson Building
    • Gatewood Studio Arts Building
    • Graham Building
    • McIver Building
    • McNutt Building
    • Moore Humanities and Research Administration Building
    • Moore Nursing Building
    • Mossman Building
    • Music Building
    • Odell Warehouse
    • Petty Science Building
    • School of Education
    • Stone Building
    • Sullivan Science