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On December 14, 2018 a UNCG Police Officer observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed on W. Market Street and Gray Drive near the entrance to the UNCG Campus. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle. However, the driver continued for quite sometime before he finally pulled over on Eugene Street near Sycamore Street. The officer smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and observed the end of a pistol sticking out of the passenger’s pocket. The driver and passenger were ordered out of the vehicle, the gun was seized from the passenger’s pocket, and a probable cause search was conducted on the vehicle. Officers located 40 grams of marijuana which the driver claimed was his.

It was later determined that the gun had been reported stolen out of Durham, NC. Both the driver and passenger were placed under arrest. The driver was charged with possession of marijuana, resist, delay, & obstruct, and various traffic charges. He was placed under a $500 secured bond. The passenger was charged with possession of a stolen firearm (a felony), carrying a concealed weapon, possession of marijuana, and resist, delay, & obstruct. He was placed under an $8,000 secured bond.