UNCG Police

A community resource that cares about your safety and security.

In March 2021 the UNCG Police answered 702 calls for service; mostly for secure / unsecured calls, fire status, trouble alarms, and fire alarms, but also includes; 112 vehicle stops, 40 suspicious activity calls, 38 safety walk, 48 assist other agency, 84 tract checks, 21 check phones, 8 burglary / intrusion alarms, 9 narcotics violations, 18 assist motorist / disabled vehicle, 12 medical calls, 26 assist subjects, 10 larceny, 12 traffic accident, 8 welfare checks, 6 hit and run, 2 assault, 3 alcohol violation / intoxicated subject, 2 vandalism, and 4 trespassing. The officers made 37 arrests to include; 1 communicating threats, 1 no insurance, 2 order for arrest, 3 second degree trespass, 1 speeding, 2 simple possession of schedule vi cs, 4 driving while impaired, 1 careless and reckless driving, 1 carry a concealed gun/piston (without permit), 2 first degree trespass, 2 possession of marijuana drug paraphernalia, 2 obtain property by false pretense, 2 felony possession of schedule i cs, 1 failed to report accident, 1 fail to stop at scene of crash, 1 fictitious registration plate, 1 felony financial transaction card theft, 1 no operator’s / driver’s license, 1 driving while license revoked for impaired driving, 1 child abuse (nonviolent), 1 failure to pull over to the right of road for police, fire, nc parks, nc forest, emergency vehicles, 1 breaking or entering (without authority break into or enters into a building), 2 aid and abet obtaining property by false pretense, 1 injury to personal property (in excess of $200), and 1 larceny of person.