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  1. The Counseling Center is full.”   In fact, the model of the Counseling Center is completely built around access.   To that end, there is a walk in counselor available every day and on-call services available 24/7.  While students are not typically seen weekly, they will receive support, assessment, referral either to individual counseling here (usually on a biweekly or triweekly basis), referral to therapy or support groups, referral to our workshops, referral to off-campus providers who can offer specialty care on a weekly basis or sometimes to our partner training clinics–the Vacc Clinic or the Psychology Clinic. We currently even have a grant to financially support students who may need off-campus care. Finally, like walk-in same day services, Counseling Center workshops provide students with weekly open access services focused on some of their most pressing concerns, such as stress and anxiety.  
  2. “The Counseling Center does not provide services in the summer.” We are open and offer services all summer for enrolled students or grad students engaged in research activities.  Toward the end of the semester, we offer all same-day or next day services and are focused on assessment and workshops since we would not have an adequate window to start counseling with students who are leaving in a couple of weeks.  Students continuing at school during the summer would be able to start and continue services.  
  3. You need insurance to access the Counseling Center.”  Our counseling services are free of charge.  There is insurance billing for psychiatric medication prescribing and management.  Student Blue covers this so that students have no copayment.
  4. “You can’t transfer counselors at the Counseling Center.”  It is not uncommon for a student to transfer to a different counselor upon request.   The CC recognizes that our staff may not comprehensively reflect the diversity of our student body: however, we aspire to create a safe, affirming, inclusive and welcoming environment for all students and the larger campus community.  Often a student may be able to find a better match than the first person they see.  Please let students know that it is ok to talk to their current counselor about seeing someone new or if they are not comfortable with that, to call our front desk who will refer to the person on staff who can help with a transfer.  It may help them to visit the “Meet Our Staff” (https://shs.uncg.edu/cc/staff) page to read our bios and see if they feel a particular person may be a good fit.