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Run, Hide, Fight

Shots fired on campus

This workshop provides information on surviving an active shooter incident. "Shots Fired!" is the last thing you expect to hear in the workplace or at school. Unfortunately, the possibility of this violent event taking place in your community has become a reality that employees and students have to deal with. Although no one is exempt from this threat, injury or death does not have to be the inevitable outcome. At the conclusion of this workshop, attendees will recognize the sound of gunfire, demonstrate the three response options, explain when each option should be used, and describe your interaction with law enforcement when they arrive. Targeted Audience: All Students, Staff, and Faculty.

Sexual Assault Awareness, Prevention, and Self Defense Programs

R.A.D. LogoRape Aggression Defense
Rape Aggression Defense offers a consistently structured, proactive approach, designed to give women the skills and confidence needed to survive an unexpected attack.
Resisting Aggression with Defense
Resisting Aggression with Defense teaches tactical options that help to avoid confrontation or that allow you to disengage and escape from it when necessary.

Man on bikeCampus Safety Escort

The purpose of the Student Safety Patrol, which operates out of the UNCG Police Department, is to provide safer passage for faculty, staff, students, and visitors who feel unsafe on campus after dark.

Pedestrian Safety Program

Occasionally the police will conduct education and enforcement campaigns on Traffic Safety.

UNCG Police CarPolice Ride Along Program

Participants are authorized to ride in patrol vehicles in a passenger/observer capacity only. Participants are not permitted to take any law enforcement action, assist in conducting investigations, or perform any law enforcement task or function. All persons must wear civilian clothes when participating in the ride along program. Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Police K-9 Program

The UNCG Police Department K-9 Unit was established in 2007, and now has three K-9 teams. All of the K-9 teams have completed extensive training and certification programs, train on a weekly schedule, and also assist and train with other local law enforcement agencies.


Finger Print CardGet fingerprinted for a job or background check.

Watch for Me Campaign

UNCG Police has been chosen, along with Greensboro Police (GPD) and North Carolina A&T Police (NCA&T PD), to participate in the Watch For Me NC campaign. Watch For Me NC is a statewide pedestrian and bicycle safety campaign. It primarily focuses on crosswalks but also deals with bicycle and motor vehicle laws.