UNCG Police

A community resource that cares about your safety and security.

Community Relations

The UNCG Police Department depends on our relationship with the campus community for support. We strive to be a resource that aligns our services with the mission and vision of the university. Forging a relationships with our community creates an opportunity for us to build trust and improve our level of service. We place a strong focus on community and commit a significant amount of resources to building that relationship that translates into a safer campus. Please join us in one of our many community relations programs.

Campus Community Partners – At the University of North Carolina at Greensboro we believe that a safe campus is cultivated, in part, through community partnerships. The UNCG Police work hand-in-hand with many groups and organizations to share resources and expertise to build a strong, safe and prosperous university community.  We are partnering with the city, neighborhood associations, area businesses, and off-campus student apartment complexes to help make the surrounding campus community safer. For more information about how to become a Campus Community Partner contact the Community Relations Unit at 336-334-5069.

Student Advisory Council: Bridging the Gap – The council strives to bring students and UNCG Police together in order to foster a more cohesive relationship between them. The council’s purpose is to be a voice for students, and to make recommendations to the Chief of Police which helps to build bridges between university police officers and students from across the campus. Three main objectives guide the council: to bring diverse perspectives which help guide practices of the police, to advise and to help raise students’ concerns regarding those police practices and to propose new programs, workshops and community-outreach events to be co-led by students and UNCG Police.

21st Century Policing – On December 18, 2014, President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order appointing an 11- member task force on 21st century policing to respond to a number of serious incidents between law enforcement and the communities they serve and protect. The President wanted a quick but thorough response that would begin the process of healing and restore community trust. The task force generated 59 recommendations with 92 action items. The department had already incorporated many of these prior to the formation of the task force. The Community Relations Unit is actively seeking compliance with the remaining items

Victim Assistance – Victims of crime in North Carolina have special rights to know more about their case and seek restitution. Our Victim Assistance Coordinator can talk to victims, connect them with community/campus resources and tell them how to find out about eligibility for financial assistance, medical care and lost wages. For more information, contact the Community Relations Unit at (336)334-5069.

Annual Campus Safe Walk – Have you ever been walking across campus on your way back from a class or a friends dorm after dark and noticed that in some areas it seems a little too dark for comfort? I’ve definitely felt like that before, especially if I was walking alone. Well, it’s good to know that our campus is taking steps to fix things like that! Every year the University Police Department and Student Government Association (SGA) host a Campus Safety Walk with students, officers, and staff to scour the campus and find any safety concerns such as lights out or walking hazards.

Cops in the Caf – Pull up a chair, grab some food, and have an informal conversation with one  of our UNCG Police Officers. Ask questions, tell us about your campus experience, or share your concerns. We look forward to learning more about you as you get to know us. Come out and join us for Cops in the Caf the first and second Tuesday of every month, starting September 6, 2017.  (Lunch: 12:30 – 1:30 PM and Dinner: 6:30 – 7:30 PM)

Operation Move-In – As part of our community outreach program, the UNCG Police Department helps residential students move-in That’s right, cops carrying boxes and helping students and their parents move their stuff.  What a great way to begin the semester and get to know some of the officers on campus. It our hope to make a great first impression and show the students that the university police department is an valuable community resource.

House Calls – In partnership with Housing and Residence Life, the police department participates in welcoming first-year residence hall students to the campus community and provides them with an opportunity to interact with officers and other administrators on a personal level. Research indicates that developing a relationship with a faculty or a staff member can have a significant impact on student success.