UNCG Police

A community resource that cares about your safety and security.

Services Provided

The UNCG Police Department is committed to providing the highest level of campus law enforcement services available. Our officers and employees are highly trained and dedicated individuals whose personal mission is to make sure your experience at UNCG is not only memorable and successful, but also safe. We are counting on you to not only take responsibility for your own safety but the safety of others. The police department offers these and other programs to help you and your fellow Spartans achieve a safe and secure community.

Walk Safe –  The purpose of the walk safe program is to provide someone from the police department to walk with faculty, staff, students, and visitors who feel unsafe on campus. Safe walks are provided by police officers, security officers and student rangers upon request. All safe walks provided by the UNCG Police Department will be confined to locations on campus. Call (336) 334-5963 or request a safe walk through the LiveSafe Mobile Safety App today! For other transportation options offered on campus, please visit the Parking Operations & Campus Access Management website at parking.uncg.edu.

Lost and Found – Most buildings on campus have lost and found sites. However, the UNCG Police Department collects items of high value to include but not limited to the following: laptops, tablets, iPods, gaming systems, cellphones, jewelry, currency, checks, credit cards, and any form of identification other than UNCG Spartan Cards. Spartan Cards should be turned into the SpartanCard Center located in 121 Elliot University Center. If you find such an item, contact the police department immediately for collection. If you have lost an item you should begin by searching the location where you remember having it last. If you are still unable to locate your item, you may contact the police at (336) 334-5963 to inquire. Property eligible to be returned is held for a minimum of 180 days and then advertised once a year during the month of September for sale or destruction in The Carolinian. Thirty days after running the ad, property rights will be relinquished. Property is then sold on www.propertyroom.com and the proceeds turned over to the local school board as required law. Other items may be donated to charity. Bicycles that are considered lost and found are maintained by Parking Services (336) 334-5681.

Building Security Assessments – Crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) is a multi-disciplinary approach to deterring criminal behavior through environmental design. CPTED strategies rely upon the ability to influence offender decisions that precede criminal acts by affecting the building, social and administrative environment. The UNCG Police Department is actively engaged with Facilities, Design and Construction to strategically addresses security concerns across the campus. The 2017-2020 Master Security Plan provides a unified, comprehensive strategy to enhance the safety and security of the campus; and strategic and operational directives designed to mitigate existing risks, educate the campus community and deter criminal behavior. The Plan’s risk management strategy will promote a safe and secure environment as the university infrastructure and facilities evolve over time.

Fingerprinting – Fingerprinting services are available at 1200 West Gate City Blvd. every Wednesday from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM using Live Scan. Please bring a valid photo identification with you and a second form of identification. Each fingerprint card costs $5. Payments must be exact change, and are only acceptable in cash. Appointments are not required.

Free Speech, Public Assembly, Petitioning and Amplified Sound – The University of North Carolina at Greensboro values freedom of speech as one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution and as the best means for arriving at truth and mutual understanding. Peaceable assembly and the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances are also rights guaranteed by the First Amendment and are concomitant to the right of free speech.

Copies of Police Reports – North Carolina State law, General Statue § 132-1.4,  includes the following as  public record information: (1) the time, date, location, and nature of a violation reported to the police; (2) the name, sex, age, address, employment, and alleged violation of a person arrested, charged, or indicted; and (3) the circumstances surrounding an arrest, including the time and place of the arrest, as well as a description of any items seized in connection with the arrest.  When available, this additional information is typically included in the public information version of the police report. Contact UNCG Police Records at (336) 256-0570 to request a copy of a report.

Request Video Disclosure – Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 132-1.4A, the disclosure of law enforcement recordings must meet specific guidelines. The term disclosure is defined as making a recording available for viewing or listening by the person requesting the disclosure. Any person seeking the release (copy) of a recording must petition the Guilford County Superior Court. A person seeking disclosure must provide the information requested in the linked following link.