UNCG Police

A community resource that cares about your safety and security.

As part of an institution-wide commitment to safety and security, the University has established the Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT), which specifically serves as the coordinating hub of a network of existing resources focused on violence prevention and early intervention for the university community in accordance with existing University policies. The BAT will convene to evaluate and address specific cases initiated under this policy. In doing so, the BAT will implement the University’s policies and procedures for the mitigation of threats and acts of violence within the university community, including, but not limited to, the University’s fact-based assessment, intervention, and action protocols. The BAT will collaborate with local and state law enforcement agencies, mental health agencies, and any other agencies or individuals necessary to expedite the assessment and intervention of an individual’s or organization’s/group’s behavior that may present a threat to the safety of the university community.

Maintaining safety is a community-wide effort.  See something, say something. 

Community members are encouraged to use the Concerning Behavior Report if they are concerned about the behavior of a student, faculty, or staff member. Please review this link for more information before submitting the form. This report is routed to UNCG PD for immediate review.

If this is an emergency that requires immediate attention, please contact campus police at 336.334.4444 prior to filling out this referral form. While referrals from this form are reviewed by UNCG PD, it is not designed as an emergency response notification process.