The UNCG Police Department offers part-time positions to students, full-time or part-time. Once hired, the student will then be trained in the Ranger Program. Specific requirements to be a ranger include:

Work Schedule
Normal working hours include, but are not limited to 7 PM to 1 AM, on a rotating schedule, excluding university holidays and closings. Student employees work some week days and also every other weekend. Working hours may vary and are subject to include: weekend openings, checkpoints and other special assignments. Security officers and police officers will provide safety walks after normal services hours, and through regularly scheduled breaks and holidays.
Employees are expected to report to work on time and ready to begin their duty assignments. At the end of each shift, all employees shall report back to the police department to turn in equipment and check off duty.  No employee will leave their assigned duties without prior approval from the on-duty supervisor.

Disclosure of Sensitive Information 
As an employee of the UNCG Police Department, you may see or hear information which is sensitive in nature while you are on duty. Disclosure and/or discussion of any police information gained from employment will not be carried outside the police department. Student employees found in violation of this policy are subject to termination.

Uniforms and Equipment
Rangers will be equipped similar to full-time security officers performing like functions.  Police equipment (e.g. radios) will be made available to rangers while performing their duties.

Rangers are expected to maintain all issued uniforms and equipment in a state of operational readiness and to develop and maintain proficiency with all issued equipment. Misuse or failure to secure equipment may result in a reimbursement to the department.

Rangers will wear uniforms issued by the police department. Each employee is expected to wear his/her uniform at all times while on duty, unless they are on special assignment.

Upon employment, all employees will be trained in all areas before being assigned a zone. Employees will be trained in the following areas:

Employee Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the employee to report to the immediate on-duty supervisor with any complaints, accidents or found property. The primary function of the Ranger Patrol will be to patrol specified zones on campus, keeping a high level of visibility among the students to give them a sense of safety. Rangers will provide assistance with safety walks for students, faculty, and staff to and from residence halls and academic buildings. No safety walks should be performed off the UNCG campus. Rangers should report any suspicious activity or person(s) to the police department. Student employees will not take any type of enforcement actions while on duty.

It is the responsibility of the employee to read The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s policy on sexual harassment provided to them on their hire date; also, to report any instances concerning sexual harassment to their supervisor immediately.

Click here to download Student Support Services Employment Application to apply for the ranger position.

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