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UNC Greensboro Police’s Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) class seems straight forward from the name, but instructor Kristi Reese ‘06 says it’s more than what it seems.

“It’s learning what you can do with your personal weapons, with your body,” says Reese, who is also an ITS Analyst for UNCG Public Safety and Police. “Not being able to or not having to depend on somebody, or something else, to help protect you in a time of need.”

R.A.D. instructor Kristi Reese (in background) goes through a simulation with a R.A.D. participant.


R.A.D. is a 12-hour class taught over three to four nights. Participants first go through the basics class, and once they finish, they can move to the longer advanced course.

Ninety percent of self defense education is knowing the four “risks” of personal safety, including risk reduction strategies, like paying attention to exits and what to do when you’re in a specific area like an elevator. The course also includes physical training, such as blocking, knee strikes, and getting out of different chokes.

The class also teaches compliance. Reese says sometimes compliance with an attacker may be the only option, so understanding what to do in that situation is important.

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