UNCG Police

A community resource that cares about your safety and security.

The safety and well-being of our Spartans and visitors is a top priority of UNCG, and maintaining a safe campus is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why we are enhancing our public safety technologies – putting innovative safety tools right in the palm of your hand.

UNCG announces the launch of the new Spartan Safe App. The Spartan Safe App will replace the LiveSafe app, which will be discontinued on May 8. The Spartan Safe App provides many new and improved safety tools and features in a user-friendly digital environment.

Through the Spartan Safe App, you have quick access to:

The campus map feature on the Spartan safety app.
  • Friend Walk: The Friend Walk feature allows you to share your location with a family member or friend so they can remotely monitor your location while you walk to your destination and ensure you arrive safely. No need to walk alone!
  • Mobile BlueLight: When you activate the Mobile BlueLight emergency feature on campus, it shares your location with a UNCG Police dispatcher and then prompts you to call to UNCG Police. No longer is the call for help tied to a physical bluelight location. If you need help, you can call from wherever you are on campus.
  • Report a Tip: Have something to report? This feature provides you with several options to contact UNCG Police – including options to remain anonymous.
  • Take Action Guides: What do you do in an emergency? The Spartan Safe App has you covered. Check out the guides and tips on what to do so you can be prepared before an emergency occurs.

To accompany the Spartan Safe App, we have created the Spartan Safe website that provides additional safety information and emergency alert messages. The Spartan Safe website will serve as a one-stop-shop for safety information and will replace the Spartan Alert website.

 On campus, you will see approximately 50 Blue Light towers being converted into Spartan Safe stanchions. These stanchions will have security cameras and a QR code to make a direct call to UNCG Police from your smart phone. The remaining towers will be decommissioned and removed during the summer.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please download the Spartan Safe App by visiting the Google Play or Apple App Store today and do your part to keep everyone Spartan Safe.