UNCG Police

A community resource that cares about your safety and security.

Each year, campus tours bring in the next fresh faces of UNCG and their folks. Since students usually keep a poker face, the oohs and aahs of parents become a primary measure of a college’s reputation. 

“Students tend to ask questions that revolve around things to do on campus and Greensboro life,” says sophomore Hailey Todd, a UNCG campus tour guide since spring 2022. ”Parents ask questions centered around safety and logistics.” 

With campus safety at the top of the list, here are five campus features that future Spartan parents are bragging about this year. 


Parents love that UNCG takes a multi-level approach to keeping its students safe by channeling technology and practical answers to student safety. The campus has its own police station perfectly located across from the Kaplan Wellness Center and residence halls cannot be entered without a Spartan card. 

Spartan Alerts quickly communicate danger on campus and apps connect students to safety measures through their phones. On May 8, 2023 UNCG’s LiveSafe app will be replaced with Spartan Safe. This new app has improved digital features like Friend Walk which shares student location with friends and family members and Mobile Blue Light which immediately connects students with the police in case of emergency. These safety measures give families a sense of security as teenagers embark on independent living on a college campus.

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