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When you see a smiling dog wagging its tail, you usually also smile or maybe even give them a hug. At UNCG, the dog will hug you right back.

Odin, UNCG Police’s two-year-old Belgian Tervuren comfort dog, helps students through the stressors of college. 

“Other law enforcement agencies have found tremendous success through comfort dogs, especially with outreach to the community and also helping those in need that are going through stressful times,” says Officer Zachary Lynch, a community resource officer and Odin’s handler. 


With his big, fluffy coat, pointy nose and “Best Friend” harness, Odin is all about getting attention. Officer Lynch walks Odin around the university so students have the chance to meet him. 

“A lot of people love dogs when they’re stressed, especially one as goofy as Odin,” Lynch says 


Odin may be all about fun and furry comfort, but his counterpart Felix has to get down to business. 

Felix is a dual-purpose patrol dog that helps UNCG Police and the entire community with a variety of safety needs.

“His job can be busy at times,” says Officer Maddie Austin, Felix’s handler. “We try to stay on our toes and be proactive as much as we can.”

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